Business Formation

Entity formation is an important aspect to the start of any business. There are reasons that one may choose a structure over another. Generally speaking, under Florida’s new Limited Liability Act, an LLC is a popular choice. However, discussions between S-Corporations, C-Corporations or applicable professional associations may have relevance in some business ventures and should be considered from the outset. It is easier to start on the right track than to try to change after you have already started.

Contracts and Agreements

Business agreements come in a variety of form and require individual attention. Carrie Lavargna has overseen hundreds of business transactions during her 30+ years of experience. Having an attorney to ask the legal questions from the outset prepares the agreement to go on paper. Carrie can create and review your contract before signing to give your intentions legal effect, help you focus on all angles of the agreement, understand the consequences and requirements of contractual terms, and put your business in a position of success.

Succession Planning

Succession planning is one of the most overlooked aspects of modern businesses. Having an exit plan, and succession plan, is the pivotal for long term and legacy planning. From considering “key man” life insurance to simply creating a legally binding succession provision for your loved ones or business partners to carry forward your business after you, it is critical to consider your options and set your long term goals.