Carrie Lavargna is one of only ten Florida Bar Board Certified Real Estate Experts in Stuart, Florida. This is the highest level of expertise a lawyer can achieve. Because real estate transactions are often complex and several government agencies monitor such acquisitions, it is best for any party involved to retain the services of an experienced real estate attorney.

Homestead Exemptions

Florida is one of a kind when it comes to our Homestead laws. The two types of homestead exemptions available to property owners in Florida are for real property tax purposes, which may reduce the amount of real property taxes by a specific amount of each year if the owner is the permanent resident of the property, and an exemption for asset protection purposes, which provides the property owner with a defense from almost all non-lien creditors, if the property is the owner’s primary residence.

Carrie serves as the attorney for Martin and St. Lucie County’s Value Adjustment Board, which oversees hearings on taxable assessments valuations by the property appraiser Homestead exemptions and other taxable issues. Getting Florida Homestead correct is very important and can save thousands of dollars for a Homeowner over the life of ownership if done properly.

Real Estate Closings

Lavargna Law offers individual representation, closing agent services, is licensed to write title insurance through Old Republic National Title Company, and acts as an escrow agent for all types of real estate transactions. We assist with guiding our clients through a real estate transaction and making sure that each decision is in our clients best interest.

Our team will be able to assist you from start to finish, from understanding mortgage application choices and underwriting, to explaining and negotiating hidden costs in a real estate contract, a lawyer at your side will help you feel that you have full control and understanding of the situation. As closing agents for a transaction, our firm handles all the paperwork and is familiar with all the terms and conditions found within them.